Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Get your Boy's into Boy Scouts

With the passage of time, things are seen to be changed. And some changes are too noticeable. This especially includes the changes of "today's youth". Our present generation is indulging more towards the activities which are either above their age or unsuitable for them. If they are advised by their elders to look forward towards a path which would cause benefits for them, they just ignore it. They do not realize the fact that their ignorant behaviour may cause problems for them in future but the thing is 'who cares!'. Their one big problem is that they want liberty all over. They do not concentrate on what they are being told. In this way they do not pay respect towards their elders.
Although it is a fact that the new inventions in the field of technology very beneficial, they also have some side-effects. Despite of knowing this fact the youngsters try to watch television or use mobile phones or sit in front of computers, etc. day and night. That is why many of them are facing illnesses and encountering different diseases because the harmful rays of these inventions are causing damages to their eyesight and many other body parts. Their main problem is not paying heed towards what others are saying and just do whatever they wish to. This is not the case with all youngsters but with the majority.
They try to be friends anyone they feel like without knowing much about the specific person. Actually they think that they have grown up now and it is completely on them of what to do and what not to. There are several examples from where we come to know that what impact does a bad friendship leaves on a person. They are either misguided or get involved in illegal or unsuitable acts.
It is not the case that this article only wants to highlight the dark side of the youth, in fact it just wants to convey the bitter fact that life is very precious and how are youngsters handling it. If they are not caught and corrected at the right time, there are risks of some great mishaps in their lives. And the only power which can hold them in this worldly life is their parents. They should be brought up in a disciplined manner and taught about the good and bad things. Because a child's personality is built up by his/her home's environment. Parents are the most responsible people in producing a bad or good citizen for the society .
Today, we desperately need to groom the youth in such a way which should be helpful for them and for others. Because media is very vast and can convey all the helpful and harmful information to them that is why a vigilant eye should be kept on them. I still believe one of the best programs for our youth boy's is boy scouts.    http://www.scouting.org/ One of the best way's to get our youth involved in not only with there family but with other groups of boys as well as they're community, and teaching them stand up principles that'll be used everyday in they're lifetime

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